The Platform

It has never been so easy to get a comprehensive overview of the state of the forest! ExoSilva simplifies the extraction of information from Earth observation data to monitor our forests. ExoSilva is not just a web application - it is much more than that! ExoSilva enables the automatic processing of current satellite data to derive reliable information about the state of the forest at any given point in Switzerland. This information can be sent to interested users via an automatic email-notification system.


ExoSilva is free of use! The use of ExoSilva is free of charge in the current test phase (2022)! This simplification allows you to test all advantages of this system. Essential functions of ExoSilva, such as the notification system, will remain free of charge in the future. If you would like to integrate notifications or overview maps of ExoSilva in your own infrastructure, we would be very happy to help you with the implementation. We look forward to hearing from you!


ExoSilva is a service of ExoLabs GmbH, a spin-off of the University of Zurich. This service was developed together with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and ETH Zurich. ExoLabs provides tailored software solutions, data products and scientific know-how based on geospatial data. These services support the private and public sector in gaining insights and efficiency at reduced costs. ExoLabs uniqueness lies in holistic data processing from multiple sources, in particular in the field of near real-time satellite data processing on a global scale.